Samyak Yamauchi, Playful Intutive Painter
I love:
- Color
- Surprises
- Mystery
- Stories
- Seeing cool things

I'm a playful intuitive painter in Portland, Oregon who trusts the creative process and imagination to take flight - and then, I start painting...

What inspires and influences my art -
(In no particular order...)

1. Every fanciful, confounding, imaginative, magical, weird painting I've ever seen.

2. Every colorful, funny, mysterious illustrated children's book I've ever read.

3. Knock-knock jokes

4. The dreams where I slip through the ceiling and fly so high I'm up in the cold, cold clouds or fall through the solid earth or breathe underwater.

5. Every shamanic journey, reiki session, past life regression session, and middle of the night angelic download.

6. The giant turtle/canister vacuum cleaner I rode all through the house when I was little.

7. Street Art, kid art, dolls, puppets, eye contact, 60's Donovan music, my studio, magic words, solitude, loneliness, love, desire, the meaning of life, and my hair.

I have lots of art stuff happening both in and out of the studio, so
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